What We Do

We boost efficiency, quality of life, and quality of care by better engaging patients.

It’s not easy to engage patients in an optimal way. But patients don’t know that, and they shouldn’t have to.

Omedix specializes in creating an outstanding patient experience for healthcare organizations across the full patient relationship lifecycle, starting from the moment a patient seeks out a new provider, continuing through the patient intake process, and onward to the ongoing doctor-patient relationship. Our goal is to make it seem easy, both for the patient and for our clients.

The end results are the value we add:
Happier patients • More new patients • Significant gains in efficiency • Reduced expenses • Compliance with Meaningful Use • Higher collections rates • Better data collection • Improved brand identity • Happier healthcare professionals all of which enables our clients to deliver higher quality of care.

How We Do It

1. Do the Right Thing.

We are always honest with ourselves and our clients. We are an upstanding company with trustworthy, moral people and whenever presented with a difficult situation, we will do what’s right.

2. Simplify.

We look for the true underlying problem our clients want to solve and pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are as simple as possible, but no simpler.

3. Execute.

We hold ourselves accountable to the commitments we make to our clients and to each other.  We work as a team to ensure that we always get the job done.

4. Deliver Value.

We build our business by building yours.  We build your business by delivering real value every day.

5. Have Fun!

Have some fun and enjoy the journey as much as the destination!

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