Omedix Patient Portal Receives “Meaningful Use” Certification!

Omedix is proud to announce that our patient portalPortalPlus – has received its official “Meaningful Use” certification as an “EHR module. ”  We now have the federal government’s stamp of approval for our software!

Why is this important to our customers?

  1. Our software has passed a rigorous security and privacy review process that elevates our platform above non-certified vendors.
  2. We certified our ability to provide patients with “Timely Access” to their medical record – certification criteria 170.304(g).  This means patients can have online access to their clinical information, such as lab results, medications, problem list, and medication allergy list.
  3. For our customers seeking federal grant support for their EHR implementation, this certification officially deems the Omedix patient portal solution capable of enabling physicians to qualify for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).*  Our patient portal technology tightly integrates with two EMR platforms – NextGen and GE Centricity.

Why “Timely Access”?

In order for providers to receive grant money, they have to use certified software.  A software vendor can either certify on all Meaningful Use measures and call themselves a certified “Complete EHR”, or on a select few criteria and call themselves a certified “EHR Module.”  Omedix is not in the business of developing EHR software, so why did we bother to certify?  The answer is that there are some criteria that are impossible to meet without some way for the patient to interface with the practice’s EMR system.

One of these criteria is the ability for patients to see their medical record online in real time – otherwise known as “Timely Access.”  PortalPlus is a solution to that problem – the patient registers online, passes a verification process, and can then securely see portions of their up-to-date medical record over the web.

This means the patient can log in and see all their medications (past and present) whenever they need to. They can see a list of the problems they were diagnosed with. They can even see their lab results and allergies.  Your patients will be thrilled.

So what’s next?

Release more features and certify for additional measures!  One of our next objectives is to focus on certifying for additional criteria that will help our customers meet Meaningful Use more efficiently.  These include providing the patient with an electronic copy of their entire medical record and their clinical summary in CCR or CCD format through the patient portal.  Stay tuned for an unveiling of our new personalized patient education platform as well.

PortalPlus is the next generation patient portal that’s moving patient engagement far beyond accessibility to records and results.  We’re creating a dynamic community health platform.

*To learn more about Omedix Meaningful Use Certification click here. For general information about certification requirements and Meaningful Use, visit for the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC).

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