Listening to Our Clients

In gathering testimonials for the new Omedix website, I was struck by some of the consistent themes and feedback I received from our clients. Firstly, almost all the clients I spoke to were ecstatic about the product they received once the project had been completed.  Although we were never the cheapest option they had to choose from, they all felt that they had absolutely gotten their “money’s worth.” Hearing that was very gratifying for our whole team because we put so much thought and effort into our work for every client.

All the clients also commented about how nice it was to work with a firm that specialized in medical practices, because we knew what we were doing and they didn’t have to give us a lot of explanations about what they wanted. People were also struck by how the designer was able to produce “exactly what they wanted but hadn’t been able to envision themselves.”  I received many comments about how organized and easy the process was.

Once the site was launched, several of our clients commented that they had waited too long to get a professional firm to create their website. They finally had a site that they were proud of, represented the quality of their practice, and that could provide useful tools and information to patients. One of our clients commented on the impact that a great site was having in terms of their ability to recruit and attract top talent, as they now had an online presence that presented the right impression of who they are.  One particularly successful project noted that their conversion rates – the number of clicks on their site divided by the number of appointment requests from new patients coming through the web – had quadrupled since the launch of their site.

Overall, it was wonderful for all of us get such wonderful feedback from our clients.

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