Introducing Exciting New Patient Portal Features!

Hello, this is Aaron Herres – one of the software engineers here at Omedix.  This past Friday, we issued a new patient portal release that adds some great new features I’d like to share with our current (and prospective!) clients.

Automatically Route Patient Requests

Many of our clients wanted the ability to have appointment requests for Dr. Jones routed to one staff member, and requests for Dr. Smith routed to another. But why stop there? In a real doctor’s office, the staff know who to notify about appointment requests based on a variety of real-world factors. At Omedix, we believe that the customer experience should be as close to the real-world as possible. As a result, we’re pleased to announce a sophisticated engine for routing online patient requests based on almost anything in the request — from requested location, to requested doctor or even appointment type.  It’s almost like a smart virtual receptionist, who always delivers patient request information to the people who need it most!

For our current clients, this feature is already live.  You’ll just need to work with your Omedix Support Rep to activate it.

Filter Providers by Location

Another popular request was the ability to allow patients to request an appointment only with those providers who are available at the location the patient selected. This feature is now live for all clients as well, and also needs to be activated with an Omedix Support Rep.

Integrated Online Bill Pay

Omedix clients can now enjoy an integrated online bill pay experience.  When your patients log into the patient portal, if you’ve ordered online bill pay, they will now see that feature available directly.

Various Goodies

Finally, we’ve improved some of the plumbing to make your day-to-day management easier.  Practice administrators now have ability to edit practice user information and deactivate users, the auto-logout time interval is now controllable directly by your organization and can be extended up to 45 minutes.


At Omedix, we pride ourselves in our ability to release innovative, exciting features on a regular schedule. As a result, something new is always right around the corner! We are the #1 alternative to NextGen.

Please check back often for more feature announcements and other interesting information.

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