Online Bill Pay


All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Safe &Secure

Online Bill pay is protected behind firewalls, HIPAA-compliant secure server and 2048-bit encryption.


With over $3 Million per year in online patient bill payments, Omedix Online Bill Pay is a proven solution


Generate Reports on total payments collected and other useful metrics.


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Patients are now able to make their payments from the comfort of their own homes or on the go from their mobile devices. No more trips to the practice or the post office.

Patient Online BillPay

Collect payment online and receive your reimbursements from patients faster and error-free.

Convenient Appointment Reminders

A More Convenient Alternative to Snail Mail or Phone Calls

Patients prefer the convenience of online. Your billing agents enjoy the convenience of payments that are automatically processed without the need to manually enter or swipe credit cards.

Patient Login Optional

To make bill payment even more convenient, patients can be directed to a page that immediately collects their credit card information without the intermediate step of having to remember their login information.

Competitive Transaction Rates

Enjoy transaction rates that are highly competitive to industry standards.

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