Everything Should Be This Easy.

Convenient Appointment Reminders

Omedix PortalPlus™ automates routine tasks so you can get back to what really matters: caring for your patients. Empower your patients to view their electronic health records, fill out online patient forms, pay bills online, and more!

Omedix PortalPlus™ can also be used as a health system patient portal and provides many features that other patient portal vendors lack. Considered by top practices to be the best patient portal on the market, PortalPlus™ integrates with a growing number of other EHR products, including GE Centricity, SRSsoft, IO Practiceware, ClaimTrak, and more. PortalPlus™ can also be used as a federally qualified health center (FQHC) patient portal, and is well-suited to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and multi-specialty clinics. It also meets with Meaningful Use Requirements.

The Dashboard

Designed with patient experience in mind, the Dashboard offers easy access to the most popular patient workflows.

Secure Messaging

Provide patients with an easier, more convenient way to securely ask your office questions. Reduce your call volume and increase patient satisfaction with Omedix PortalPlus™.

My Health

My Health gives patients the power to manage their own healthcare information and share self-reported data with you securely.

Prescription Management

Now patients can request prescription refills with just a few clicks.

Appointment Requests

Offer easy online appointment requests through Omedix PortalPlus™– even when your office is closed.

Online Forms

Online forms shorten wait times for patients, keep your appointments running on schedule, and reduce data entry for your staff.

Online Bill Pay

Patients prefer the convenience of paying online. Collect payment online and receive your reimbursements from patients faster and error-free. Click Here to get started.