Online Helpdesk

  • · Configure the portal to collect exactly the information you need for each type of patient request
  • · Powerful routing engine automatically directs different requests to different members of the practice
  • · Simple and easy to use for patients
  • · Support families and enable any approved member of the family to communicate on behalf of the patient

Automatically Handle Incoming Patient Requests Online
Create an interactive, fully-automated helpdesk for your clinic to relieve staff from spending hours upon hours on the phone.

Accept Appointment Requests Online
Patients can request their next appointment online. Omedix Patient Portal can even verify insurance with each appointment request.

Accept Prescription Refill Requests Online
Patients can see their existing list of medications and directly request a prescription refill.

Convert Almost Any Phone Call Into an Online Request
Omedix Patient Portal is highly configurable and can convert almost any type of patient call into a secure online request.

Automatically Route Requests to Exactly the Right Member of Your Practice
Omedix Patient Portal can look at the information your patient entered and the type of request made to determine exactly who in your practice should be notified of a new patient request.

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