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Omedix Online Bill Pay


Omedix Online Bill Pay gives your practice the tools to maximize patient throughput and increase revenues. give your patients the ability to pay their bills from anywhere, anytime.

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Omedix Medical Website Design


Omedix combines your specific goals with tomorrow’s technology to produce an interactive user experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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Omedix PortalPlus™ provides a Meaningful Use-certified patient engagement platform to transform your patients’ care experience and make your practice more efficient. With Omedix, you can provide outstanding patient service, streamline your practice operations and get paid faster.


We bring together design, content and online marketing strategies to create a website that sets you ahead of the pack and attracts new patients. We have a team of innovative, knowledgeable web developers ready to build a custom website to meet your needs.

Online Bill Pay ™

Patients prefer the convenience of online. Your billing agents enjoy the convenience of payments that are automatically processed without the need to manually enter or swipe credit cards. All transactions are completed securely and efficiently to help you focus on your patients.


Build an Unforgettable Online Experience

Your patients are online and your competitors know it. Omedix can help you find new patients and better engage existing patients. We specialize in professional medical website design, hosting and implementation.

  • AMAZING Responsive Design
  • HIPAA-Secure Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Extensive SEO
  • Complete Social Integration
  • DOZENS of Practice-Friendly Features!
Omedix Medical Website Design


This Is As Modern As Medicine Gets

Omedix Online Bill Pay

Designed with your practice’s needs in mind by some of the nation’s pre-eminent healthcare providers, Omedix Online Bill Pay gives your practice the tools to maximize patient throughput and increase revenues. give your patients the ability to pay their bills from anywhere, anytime. Omedix Online bill Pay includes:

  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • HIPAA Compliant Security
  • Run Reports on Transactions
  • Convenient – Use Anywhere!
  • Compatible with Android and iOS Mobile Devices
  • Stand-Alone or Portal Integration Available


Patients are looking for the practices that provide care the way they want it. They expect online appointments, access to medical records and online bill payment, with no tedious paper forms.

Most medical practices have been hit with rising expenses and falling reimbursements. You must become more efficient, and Omedix can help you create both cost savings and the online care experience your patients desire. See how a well-planned and well-executed patient engagement strategy with Omedix benefits each of the stakeholders in your medical practice:


Medical practice executives have a responsibility to stay competitive, deliver outstanding patient service, and drive bottom-line improvements. With OmedixEngage™, you can finally leverage patient-focused technology to improve your clinic in all of these areas.

Select a Partner You Can Trust
simplify your practice by consolidating your vendors into a single, trusted patient engagement partner. We work to ensure that you meet ongoing patient engagement requirements for Meaningful Use.

Implement a Cutting-Edge Engagement Solution
We offer a competitive patient experience that keeps you ahead of the curve – and your competitors. Using Omedix Engage™ sets the foundation for a long-term, practice-wide patient engagement strategy, with improved efficiency year after year.

Make Your Patients Happy
Omedix Engage™ is more than just a way for your patients to securely contact you online. The Omedix patient engagement platform makes it faster and easier for patients to pay their bills, gives patients a more convenient alternative to using the phone, and engages patients in their care by granting automated access to a summary of their health information.

Streamline Your Operations
You’re already working to improve your patients’ experience. Why not leverage the power of self-service to make your practice more efficient at the same time? With online patient forms through Omedix Engage™, data entry shifts from staff to patients. Our technology collects patient information so staff simply review and approve it. Simply put, Omedix Engage™ frees your staff to spend less time doing clerical work and more time providing patient advocacy.


Every clinician wants to deliver exceptional quality of care and outstanding customer service. But many providers find that time, resources and energy are limited. This is where Omedix can help! We are experts at engaging your patients in ways that make you more efficient and profitable so you can get back to focusing on medicine.

Less Time Processing Forms
Patients can fill out their own medical history forms online, which can then pre-populate your EHR so that you don’t have to chart or dictate as much.

Patients Prefer Online Services
A recent Harris study reveals that more than two thirds of patients would choose their provider based on whether they’re accessible online. Making yourself available to patients in a way that is still optimized for workflow is good for patients and good for you. Questions directed to you can be routed to designated staff members or clinicians first.

Ramp Up Your Efficiency and Boost Profits
Our own internal studies found that it takes an average of 8 minutes and 23 seconds for your front office staff to enter just the demographic information for a new patient. Imaging the efficiency gain when patients take over 90% of this labor. Online forms makes this efficiency boost a reality.

Get Paid More Easily With Online Bill Pay
You pay your bills online; your patients are no different. by letting patients remit payment the way they prefer, you will get paid faster and more often.

Patients & Family

You probably already know how crucial it is that your patients have a positive experience throughout every phase of their care, from appointment scheduling to paying bills.

These days, though, a friendly voice on the phone might not be enough. Many patients now view online services as a key factor when deciding whether to switch doctors. A recent SureScripts survey found that millions of patients prefer their doctor to provide access to amenities like online forms, appointment requests and medical record information.

Omedix empowers you to authentically promote your practice as patient-centered by providing a first-class patient experience. We make sure your patients can:

  • Easily find your practice on Google, Facebook and other social media outlets
  • Get access to key personal health information online
  • Request or book appointments at their convenience
  • Communicate with the doctor and practice online and via mobile devices
  • Learn about their conditions and treatments from their own doctor by reading practice-endorsed patient education materials
  • Fill out forms from the convenience of home
  • Have a face-to-face visit with their own doctor from wherever they are

Medical Professionals

So much of your time – often thousands of hours per year – is spent administering communications with patients, and often about the same common issues. Work with Omedix to free up your time.

Use Technology to Streamline Your Workflow
Make sure your website lists frequently asked questions, and get in the habit of directing patients there.

Any time you find yourself completing a repetitive task, assume that Omedix can help. For example, many phone calls can be more efficiently handled as a secure message sent through the patient portal. Entering demographic information can be handled more efficiently with the patient portal since you only need to review what the patient has already typed into their forms versus entering data from scratch.

When you free up your time with Omedix patient engagement tools, you can focus more on building relationships with patients, and less on processing their information.