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To drive adoption of the patient portal, medical providers must leverage one of the most valuable features: Secure Messaging. Through detailed analysis of use cases for the Omedix Patient Portal, our findings indicate that a comprehensive Patient Engagement strategy with high Secure Messaging usage rates, are significant drivers for Meaningful Use attestation.

While most medical providers have adoptedĀ Electronic Health Records (EHR), and provided patients access to these records via Patient Portals, secure messaging is still far underutilized. Other valuable features were bundled with the Patient Portal to help drive adoption and provide Meaningful Use cases, like secure messaging and online bill-pay. All of these features were aimed at enabling patients to self-manage their healthcare and improve the patient experience.

There are many benefits to Secure Messaging beyond Meaningful Use attestation. From data gathered through the Omedix Patient Portal, it is clear that Providers are utilizing Secure Messaging for many key office functions:

  • Notification of Balance Due – Online Bill Pay
  • Automated follow through on routine health concerns
  • Responding to patient questions and concerns
  • Monitoring and helping patients manage their condition or illness
  • Promoting coordination of care between office visits
  • Requesting prescription refills and referrals
  • Getting help with billing and insurance issues
  • Making adjustments to a care plan

The effect Secure Messaging has on a practice goes far beyond patient portal adoption. From streamlining office procedures to promoting a paperless medical office, Secure Messaging is delivering the following tangible benefits:

  • Eliminates the need to answer and return many phone calls
  • Improves efficiency by enabling office staff to triage patient messages
  • Delivers automatic documented communication to the patients’ EHRs to improve record accuracy
  • Gives providers the ability to address routine questions and issues in a more productive manner
  • Enables physicians to schedule more office visits and provides greater access to those patients who need to be seen
  • Does not raise additional liability issues and is fully aligned with Health Information Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) regulations.
  • Promotes cost savings from reduced missed appointments, phone calls and lab results delivery.

Your patients will thank you! Patient Engagement has long been a strategy that has improved outcomes. The following procedural efficiencies are a direct result of Patient Portal adoption:

  • Allows patients to communicate with their physicians on their own schedule
  • Eliminates frustrating phone tag
  • Makes discussing certain sensitive health issues easier for those who don’t care to do so in person
  • Permits patient follow-up with questions or concerns forgotten during the office visit
  • Promotes greater information sharing between patient and provider

To discover the valuable benefits of the Patient Portal, and how Secure Messaging can help drive adoption, contact your Omedix sales representative today. Our full suite of Patient Engagement solutions will help your practice increase profitability by improving outcomes.