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This graph (if you can’t see it, click the “Read More” link below) was on this morning’s iHealthBeat. This is basically yet another indicator that patients are going to become increasingly choosy about where they get their medical care in the future.

Offering your patients the ability to view their medical records online doesn’t necessarily mean you show them the ENTIRE medical record. One of our clients recently saw a patient who he felt was making great efforts to acquire narcotics from him. In his encounter notes for the medical record, he mentioned this to advise other doctors in his practice. Does he want the patient to see that? No, but does he want the patient to see that he diagnosed her with endometriosis as well as the medications and dosages he prescribed? Yes.

One thing that’s interesting about so many of these technologies is that they raise uncertainty more than anything else. And in the face of uncertainty, we tend to gravitate toward the status quo. It’s becoming apparent to me that as we continue to release a stream of more innovative services, we’re going to have to put a considerable amount of effort into identifying the potential issues, laying out the possibilities, and genuinely helping our clients decide if a new technology is a good fit for them.

That having been said, there are some very exciting things on the horizon so stay tuned!